Safety, Comfort and Wellbeing at Quebecs

This document is designed to provide information on measures being taken at Quebecs Hotel to protect our guests and colleagues from Covic-19. In weeks since March we have taken the opportunity to engage in an additional programme of intensive deep cleaning, decorating and maintenance throughout the building.

We have also designed and are introducing additional measures with the enhanced safety and comfort of our guests in mind, as well as that of our hard working teams, so that when we re-open for business on Friday 10th July 2020 we can do so in the knowledge that we will be operating to the highest standards of the latest Health & Safety guidance and regulations.

Hotel Reception

Temperature check: Mandatory temperature checks may be performed upon entrance to the hotel, any guests who have a temperature of over 37.8°C will be directed to the closest medial facility. All hotel staff will be temperature checked twice daily.

Hand disinfection: High quality sensor-controlled hand sanitising dispensers from Germany have been fitted at strategic points throughout the building for use on arrival and departure, by the lift controls and in several other positions, and we have additional sanitising procedures for points of payment.

Luggage disinfestation: The hotel has state of the art electrostatic cleaning equipment, which may be sprayed onto the outside of your luggage. Our luggage trolley will be disinfected every two hours during check-in and check-out times.

Social distancing: All staff will observe social distancing from their colleagues and guests. Discreet signage will be placed for encouragement with active management by staff as enforcement.

Equipment and guest materials: Frequently touched areas such as telephones, pens, door cards and payment machines will be disinfected after each use. A bespoke, elegant glass screen has been designed and fitted to the Reception Desk.

Hotel Lift

Distancing: Signage will be displayed outside each floor to advise of our user lift policy, to ensure highest level of safety for our guests and staff.

Sanitation: The entire lift will be sanitised every 2 hours and a touchless hand disinfection station will be available outside the lift on each floor.

Hotel Bedrooms

Bedroom sanitation: In addition to our usual stringent cleaning procedures, frequently touched areas and items will be thoroughly disinfected during and after each guest stay, for example, telephones, handles, remote controls, menus, hair dryers etc.

PPE for Room Attendants: Our room attendants will wear PPE upon entering any guest room, not limited to, gloves, face masks and protective eye wear.

Ventilation: Where available, bedrooms will be ventilated by an open window throughout the cleaning process.

Public Areas

Public Lavatories: Individual towels will be provided for hand drying. All areas of the lavatory will be disinfected every two hours throughout the day.

Corridors and public spaces: All door handles, lift buttons, hand rails, tables and chairs will be disinfected every two hours throughout the day.

Restaurant and Bar

Social Distancing: We will reduce the number of tables in our bar and breakfast room to ensure distance and we will arrange tables and chairs to avoid diners and drinkers facing each other where possible.

Table linen: Table linen will be changed after each party has departed.

Menus: Menus will be sanitised after each party has departed.

Service: All breakfast items will be provided ‘A La Carte’, including Continental items, such as fruit, cereals and juice.

Condiments: All condiments, such as salt, pepper and sauces will be removed from tables, however will be available from the waiting staff.

In-Room Dining

Delivery and retrieval: All food items will be covered during transit. Our waiters will leave trays outside the room and knock on the door to announce delivery, whilst stood away to ensure receipt. Guests will be encouraged to leave their tray outside the room for collection.

Disinfestation: All room service trays, cutlery and pre ordered condiments will be disinfected before delivery. Waiters will be subject to mandatory pre and post hand disinfestation.

Meetings and Events

Social distancing: The seating for meetings and private dinners will be spaced as minimum of 1 metre apart, this will reduce the total occupancy we are able to offer.

Meeting room sanitation: All regularly touched items such as flipchart markers, projectors, telephones etc, will be disinfected before and after meetings.

Service: No self-service F&B will be available, we will provide individually portioned, served food and drinks.

Ventilation: We will ensure the meeting room is well ventilated at all opportunities by opening a window.

Back of House Procedures

Temperature Check: We will enforce mandatory temperature checks on all colleagues before entering the building and after four hours of work. Any colleague who has a temperature of over 37.8°C will be sent home.

COVID-19 Symptoms: All our colleagues will be trained for awareness to identify all COVID-19 symptoms to be a be to spot these in themselves and their colleagues. Any staff member who has any symptoms will be sent home and advised to contact a public health centre.

Social distancing: All staff will be instructed to abide by social distancing regulations and avoid any unnecessary conversations with their colleagues.

PPE: All staff will be issued and use PPE provided by the company where necessary.

Hand sanitisation: All staff will use hand sanitiser provided, before, during and after work.

Delivery of goods: Where applicable, deliveries of goods will be sprayed upon entering the building using our state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfection machine.